Ashley J. Testimonial five stars | Esta Kronberg
“Best sclerotherapy. Been other places but her treatment worked the best, hurts the least and best results. She is funny. We talk about all kinds of things while doing it to distract you and before you know it’s over.”
– March 2017

Flenda Whitney. Testimonial five stars | Esta Kronberg
“Dr. Kronberg is simply the best in her field! She’s the total package having wonderful bedside manners, a high degree of knowledge, and providing gentle, caring service.”
February 2017

Carlos Benito. Testimonial five stars | Esta Kronberg
“Awesome friendly staff and Kronberg is one awesome dermatologist.”
– February 2017

Lydia Jenkins. Testimonial five stars | Esta Kronberg
“Dr. Kronberg is the best dermatologist I have ever been to. She is up on the latest technology. She and her office staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Feel like they are family.”
– January 2017

Gina Sunseri. Testimonial five stars | Esta Kronberg
“Understands my needs, is kind compassionate and took my fears away, Her treatment was perfect.”
– November 18, 2016

Anne Gilmore. Testimonial five stars | Esta Kronberg
“It’s always a pleasant experience visiting Dr. Kronberg. From the ease of scheduling an appointment to the actual visit. She is always very kind and gentle and ready to answer all of your questions to help you achieve the goals you have set. She really cares about you as a person and what is best for you from a medical perspective. She is board certified so I can fully trust her judgment and be confident I am getting the best care.”
May 2016

Dariyle Mercer. Testimonial five stars | Esta Kronberg
“I went in yesterday for my first appointment EVER with a dermatologist. I recently started breaking out and had no idea why because my skin has always been clear. Dr. Kronberg and her staff all so nice. Dr. Kronberg prescribed me 3 things, an acne wash, acne lotion, and wrote me a prescription for pills. She told me it would take from 6-8 weeks to see results but I woke up this morning and I already see a huge difference in the problem area. I’m so glad I chose to come to Dr. Kronberg’s office for my first time seeing a dermatologist, looks like this will be my permanent dermatologists now! :)”
– May 2016

Lauren R. Testimonial five stars | Esta Kronberg
“I went to 3 doctors before Dr. Kronberg regarding my surgical scars. One took advantage of me and promised me unrealistic results for a ton of money. 2 others told me that they could not treat me. Dr. Kronberg was realistic but willing to help me with injections and her laser to remove redness. After only one treatment, I am amazed at the results and so happy. I am getting married in April and I am way more confident to look my best. Thank you!”
May 2016

Angel Parrish. Testimonial five stars | Esta Kronberg
“Love my Juvederm. The best. She spent a lot of time with me and made sure I was comfortable. I barely felt anything. Great numbing cream and so gentle”
May 2016

Ryan L. Testimonial five stars | Esta Kronberg
“My experience with Dr. Kronberg was great. She was very personable, skilled, and trustworthy. Her office staff was nice and answered all my questions. Dr. Kronberg’s bedside manner, affordable care, and honesty make her an excellent Dermatologist.”
May 2016

Kendall M. Testimonial five stars | Esta Kronberg
“Amazing compared to my last filler experience. If I had known how painless and comfortable everyone made me feel I would have been tried fillers sooner.”
May 2016

Maya S. Testimonial five stars | Esta Kronberg
“After hearing great things from various people for a while now (mainly by word of mouth – I am always wary of those who over-advertise their practices/med-spas), I finally decided to go see Dr. Kronberg. I just had my first appointment with her, and I can see why so many people sing her praises. I am very surprised she does not have a 5-star rating and was a little shocked at some of the rude reviews on here – I am so glad I chose to ignore them. I guess everyone’s experience is different, but with me, she was incredibly personable, highly attentive, and listened to my very specific concerns. Other derms have given me very canned responses and suggestions and rushed me out the door.

She took her time with me, and at no point did I feel rushed or like I needed to shut up during my rambles. I feel like I may FINALLY see some improvements with Dr. Kronberg. She also did not try and sell me on any products/procedures. Just a fantastic dermatologist, business woman, and human being all around. Oh, and the ladies at the front desk were all very friendly, as well… Plus I only waited a few minutes to be seen. Such a great visit, I almost didn’t want to leave LOL.

My only regret is not getting to her sooner/wasting my money on others.

As others mentioned, she doesn’t accept insurance, but I am willing to pay anything for the quality of care and expertise provided by Dr. Kronberg. Worth every penny.”
April 1, 2016

Caroline B. Testimonial five stars | Esta Kronberg
“When I was looking for a reasonably priced sclerotherapy treatment, I had read Dr. Kronberg was the “go to” sclerotherapy doc in Houston. I was searching because I had already been through failed treatments, including a “cool touch” laser session. Half-way through that excruciating experience, the technician remembered to turn on the device that cools the laser’s touch, hence the name “cool touch.” Ouch! I had prepaid for additional treatments with a long-term payment plan that I promptly canceled after returning to show them my burn marks. When I asked Dr. Kronberg what works best for spider veins, laser or injections, she was adamant on the traditional saline injections. She really enjoys the procedure and in the past four years I’ve returned for maintenance treatments and not only do my legs look better but I think the circulation has improved. There aren’t many Board Certified Dermatologists with over 30 years experience doing this procedure so that’s even more, a reason to start with Dr. Kronberg.”
April 9, 2016

Whitney Flores. Testimonial five stars | Esta Kronberg
“I only trust Dr. Kronberg with my skin. I have seen her for years. I have since moved to Arkansas and still come back just to see her. She does my Botox and all my other Dermatologic needs and skin checks. She takes little things off my skin.”
April 2015