Do You Have Arachnophobia?

As we get older we all have some gripes. Here’s a universal complaint — spider veins. Yes, these clusters of red, blue, and purple lines coursing about on our ankles, shins, and thighs are as universally detested in Houston as Hurricane Harvey. Dr. Kronberg knows how to deal with these unfortunate byproducts of aging — […]

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Give Your Lips the Silk Treatment

Not everyone can have lips like Angelina Jolie, at least not naturally. But who says everything has to be natural? Restylane Silk is FDA approved for lip enhancement and Dr. Kronberg uses it to give her patients the plump, full, kissable lips they’ve always wanted. Restylane Silk both fills out the lips and it also […]

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Why Does Our Facial Skin Age So Much?

Time stops for no one, or so the famous adage goes. But man has tried to stop it since the early days of civilization. From Ponce de Leon seeking the fountain of youth to that Nazi sympathizer dude in Indiana Jones seeking the chalice, we’ve always searched for ways to literally stop time. The current fasting […]

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