Botox Is the Secret Santa

The past 18 months have been tough on all of us. We’ve missed out on so many little things we usually take for granted. Things like going to the movies in person or an Astros game.  And who ever thought we’d miss having the holiday office party?  Well, we did. Along with all of the […]

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Magnifying glass showing couperose on face skin. Woman showing problems couperose-prone sensitive skin. Rosacea

Getting the Red Out — Treating Rosacea

Rosacea is a misunderstood condition. Characterized by facial redness, bumps, and eye irritation, it affects people of all ages. Often the person doesn’t know they have rosacea, but simply think their skin is overly sensitive or that they blush easily.  At Dr. Kronberg’s, she employs a variety of treatments for this frustrating, chronic skin condition.  […]

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Part of woman's face. Woman's lips, nose and hand. Soft skin.

More Kissable Lips with Kysse

Last year was a year we would all like to forget thanks to COVID-19. But there was one bright spot for the aesthetic world, as in May 2020 the FDA approved a new product to expand the Restylane line of dermal fillers, Restylane Kysse. Kysse is the newest filler specifically created to add volume and […]

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