Intense Pulsed Light is Good for Your Skin

Everyone knows someone who is just a little too intense. Whether it’s about politics or whatever else they want to blather on about, they get too close when they’re talking to you. They get overly excited when pushing their viewpoint on you. Just too intense to be around very much.    But when it comes to […]

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Actors Need Doubles, Not Your Chin

Doubles usually aren’t bad. Certainly not for the Astros or for the famous actor facing a tricky stunt. But when it comes to your chin, doubles are the enemy — double chins.  We all like to think “other people” have double chins, people like Chris Christie or Jobba the Hut, but the reality is that […]

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Give Your Problem Skin Some Needling

Everyone likes to give and receive a little needling now and again. Such banter keeps us on our toes with friends and co-workers. Your facial skin loves needling, too — microneedling. Microneedling creates hundreds of microscopic punctures to improve the skin. Dr. Kronberg performs microneedling for our patients from all around the Houston area. What […]

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