The Dangers of At-Home Microneedling

healthy woman with fresh, moisturized faceMicroneedling is a very popular in-office and minimally invasive skin treatment used to help many skin conditions. For good reason. Also known as collagen induction therapy, microneedling can be used with nearly any skin type and tone, does not require drugs or anesthesia, can be performed in less than 30 minutes, and requires almost no recovery.

Microneeding uses very small needles to create controlled punctures in the skin layer to create channels where your body deposits collagen and elastin to grow healthy and toned skin. This procedure can help treat fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and aging spots, stretch marks, and several other skin condition. Additionally, it can be used nearly anywhere on the body to help grow healthy and youthful-looking skin.

Since it is seemingly such a simple procedure, many at-home tools are marketed for microneedling use. While these do have the potential to help with collagen and elastin growth, there are several things to consider before purchasing and using an at-home microneedling tool.

They are not as effective as tools used in a medical office setting. Most at-home microneedling tools available, are small needles on a roller secured to a handle. For use, the needle roller glides over the skin and creates similar punctures as in a medical office. However, the needles on the at-home kit are significantly shorter and will not give the same sensation or results. Resist going over the same spot multiple times or pushing hard to try and make the tool more effective.

They are not sterile. The powered and professional microneedling tool used by dermatologists, uses clean and sterilized needles for each treatment and patient. While some at-home kits may come with a sterilized needle roller, this sterilization only lasts until the first use. After that, strict cleaning and storage is required to reduce the risk of causing additional skin conditions or infections.

If you want to learn more about microneedling, call Dr. Esta Kronberg and the team in Houston, TX, at 713-771-8941, or visit to schedule a consultation. The expert staff will work with you to determine your aesthetic goals and develop a personalized plan to meet them while having as minimal impact on your daily life as possible.

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