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Don’t Make These 3 Major Facial Mistakes

The facial industry has boomed in recent years thanks to the rise of #selfcare on social media. As a result, many over-the-counter products have been released that swear they’ll give you incredible results. Unfortunately, this opens the door for potential skin complications, such as acne and rashes. In this post, you’ll learn three major mistakes to avoid […]

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Facials Feel Good in Humid Houston Summertime

Everyone loves a facial. They feel great and are so relaxing. Plus, they make your skin look refreshed afterwards. This can especially be true during our sultry Houston summers where our skin is more prone to breakouts and the development of whiteheads and blackheads, all thanks to our Amazon-esque humidity. Dr. Kronberg offers medical cleansing […]

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Facial Treatment Houston, TX

Your Face Loves Facials

Your skin accumulates all kinds of dirt, grime, and oils that can leave your skin dull and lifeless. Dr. Kronberg offers medical cleansing facials to get your skin back on track. Our medical cleansing facials don’t simply feel great, but they get rid of old, dead skin cells, help with anti-aging, and lessen acne breakouts. […]

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