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Don’t Send Acne Back to School

In this oddest of years, whether your teenager is back in actual physical school at this point is an unknown. One thing that is known is your teenager probably suffers from some degree of acne. It is the universal bane of teenagers the world over. Dr. Kronberg helps many Houston teens with their acne thanks […]

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Acne, the Bane of Every Teenager

Think your teenager is confident? Just tell him or her an acne breakout is eminent. “What? Where? What do you see. Eek!” This could be followed by the door closing to the bedroom, only to be opened when said breakout has passed. Ah, acne, the bane of pretty much every teenager. But acne treatment has […]

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Dealing with the Bane that is Acne

Acne. All you have to do is mention the word and your teenager will cringe before your very eyes. You’d think it was Lord Voldemort or something! Dealing with acne is bad, but sometimes the harsh over-the-counter products that people use in an attempt to deal with it are almost harsher. Dr. Kronberg is an […]

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