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4 Great Benefits of Juvederm®

Many people want to improve their appearance but are concerned with cosmetic and aesthetic treatments’ risks, pain, and recovery. Although some surgical procedures that can safely and permanently provide the desired changes come with rather long and restrictive recoveries, there are minimally and non-invasive options that give great results much easier. Injectable dermal fillers have […]

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Chins Up for Juvéderm Voluma

Your chin defines your entire facial profile because it balances, brings uniformity, and blends your appearance. If you are not happy with your chin and believe it is taking away from your facial profile, discover Juvéderm Voluma offered by the skilled services of Dr. Esta Kronberg. This unique non-surgical, injectable gel filler is designed to […]

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We now have the RHA fillers… New smoother fillers
And Daxxify. …new longer lasting toxin…could last 6 months .