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Shingles Are Good on Your Roof

Getting a new roof is like getting new tires — you’re never ready for the expense of it. But when the roofer tells you your shingles are failing, you don’t have much of choice. While such an expense is anything but pleasant, it feels far better than the shingles Dr. Kronberg is concerned with. Shingles […]

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When to Persist with Your Cysts

Human skin is good at growing other stuff that isn’t made up of skin cells. Warts, moles, pimples, skin cancer, actinic keratoses…and cysts. It’s just that “cysts” sounds almost more threatening. Dr. Kronberg wants to give you a little primer on cysts to know when to do something about them and when to let them […]

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Will You Keep the Prince Warts and All?

Children’s stories are filled with toads and princes, often one in the same thanks to an evil witch somewhere off in the woods. Once the prince has been turned into a toad, the princess has to kiss the toad to break the spell and get the prince back his non-webbed feet. The first thought is […]

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