Give Zits the Boot with Omnilux Light Treatments

Everyone knows bacteria are the culprits behind acne. And most aggressive treatments now require the use of strong chemical or antibiotics to kill those bacteria. But Dr. Kronberg is now offering the Omnilux® Blue and Red Light treatment acne. This treatment kills the Priopioni bacteria that cause acne; it also shrinks the sebaceous glands.


Two methods


Dr. Kronberg offers two ways to utilize the Omnilux treatment.


Omnilux Skin RejuvenationMethod 1:

  • 2 treatments/week for 4-6 weeks
  • Treatments last 20 minutes
  • Painless and non-invasive
  • No downtime
  • No oral antibiotics
  • Treats moderate inflammatory acne
  • Acne usually resolves for one year


Method 2:

  • Uses the light treatment along with photodynamic therapy
  • Patient’s skin is painted with Levulan™ and is then treated with light
  • Uses the 2-3 treatments, one month apart
  • Skin will be light sensitive for two days
  • Acne usually resolves for one year

How Does Omnilux Blue and Red Light Phototherapy work?

This new acne treatment uses intense light with a particular wavelength to destroy the bacteria associated with acne. Depending on the depth of your acne lesions, and your medication history, Dr. Kronberg will use either blue light or red light phototherapy. Painless, heat-free light is delivered through LEDs to the target area.

Interested in addressing your child’s acne without dangerous chemicals or aggressive antibiotics? Call Dr. Kronberg at 713-771-8941 for an appointment today.

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