Glycolic peels

We use non-buffered 50% concentration, 0.9 pH, medical strength Glycolic Acid 50% to quickly, gently and microscopically exfoliate the skin. The peels help eliminate poor tone, mottled pigmentation, fine lines, scars, acne, and blackheads. It also controls oiliness. These are painless procedures and have no down time. The patient will have a series of these glycolic peels based on their need and problem in conjunction with home maintenance products.

We highly recommend this format in lieu of ‘deeper’ chemical peels for a number of reasons. Peels involving various forms of TCA (trichlorocetic acid) and Jessner Solutions, as well as Phenol, add significant risk and all have down-time, unlike Glycolic Acid. The risk (scarring, keloids, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, permanent allergies and infection) in using more aggressive treatments is dramatically increased. The end result of Glycolic Acid is the same as the more aggressive treatments but is much gentler with a minimal amount of risk in the correct hands.

Treatments are microscopic, just the way your skin’s own exfoliation cycle is designed to work. We are simply speeding up the process. Treatments are customized to your skin and specific needs.