Botox Is the Secret Santa

The past 18 months have been tough on all of us. We’ve missed out on so many little things we usually take for granted. Things like going to the movies in person or an Astros game. 

And who ever thought we’d miss having the holiday office party? 

Well, we did. Along with all of the other holiday social events that were cancelled or heavily downsized. A Zoom family get together doesn’t compare to the real thing. 

So, this year’s holiday socializing should be epic! Yes, even the office party and dinner at the in-laws will be circled on the calendar. But why don’t you leave those 11s between your eyebrows off the guest list? You can do that if you come see Dr. Kronberg for a Botox session. In just 10-15 minutes, those frown lines will be back in quarantine! 

What is Botox? 

Most of us have heard of Botox; it’s one of the world’s most famous brand names. Why all the notoriety? Because Botox works. It effectively erases crow’s feet, the 11s between your brows, and forehead lines for about four months. 

Botox is different from dermal fillers. Botox is a neuromodulator. It works by relaxing muscles it is injected into. That’s because Botox is made primarily from the botulinum toxin type A, the same bacteria that can cause botulism. That sounds scary, but it’s not — the botulinum toxin also can be found all through the natural world, even in forest soil. When Botox is injected into a muscle the botulinum toxin blocks the acetylcholine, the nerve messengers in the muscle, from relaying messages from the muscle to the brain. Because the message to contract the muscle never gets to the brain, the muscle stays relaxed. 

This is especially helpful on the upper third of the face, the area where we form most of our expressions. When we make an expression, such as frowning or showing surprise, we engage muscles around our eyes, brows, and on our forehead. Go ahead, make a frown and you’ll feel them engage. Over time as our skin thins and our body produces less collagen, these muscle contractions begin to form wrinkles on the surface skin above the muscle: crow’s feet, the 11s, and forehead lines. When Botox is injected into the muscles causing these wrinkles, it stops those muscles from contracting, so the wrinkles never form on the skin above them. 

That what makes Botox the ultimate Secret Santa at this time of year. 

Get party ready 

Now is the time to come in for your Botox session to smooth out those crow’s feet, et al. Injection sessions take just 10-15 minutes, so you can come in over lunch or any time you have just a few minutes. Botox takes up to four days to fully relax the muscle, so you need to plan ahead according to your party calendar. 

Call Dr. Kronberg at (713) 771-8941 to schedule your Botox session and make this Houston holiday social season epic!

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