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Artefill Is the Longest

If you want a long-term solution to the stubborn problem of nasolabial folds, you may want to ask Dr. Kronberg about Artefill®. Artefill® is the only filler deemed “permanent,” although it isn’t actually forever. What is Artefille made of? Artefill® is classified as a “synthetic” filler. It is made from synthetic microspheres and bovine collagen. Artefill® contains polymethylmethacrylate […]

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Sculptra Houston, TX

Sculptra Is In For The Long Haul

If you’re reading Dr. Kronberg’s blog, you probably know a little something about collagen. Collagen is a protein that is responsible for the structure that supports the skin. With lots of collagen, the skin is firm, taut, and has few wrinkles. The problem is after the age of 20, humans lose one additional percent of […]

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We now have the RHA fillers… New smoother fillers
And Daxxify. …new longer lasting toxin…could last 6 months .