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What is Bellafill?

Fillers come, and filler goes. Most fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm are injected, and they plump the skin under the wrinkle, pushing the wrinkle or crease back upward. But in time, the body eventually absorbs the filler, and its results diminish. But there is one filler that is the first FDA approved filler that […]

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Volbella is Not an Italian Red Wine

Never satisfied to simply fill millions of wrinkles and sunken cheek areas the world over, Juvederm has added to the family. Kind of like Kate Middleton and Prince William! Juvederm Volbella was added in the summer of last year specifically for the lips. This new dermal filler adds subtle volume and erases vertical lip lines. […]

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We now have the RHA fillers… New smoother fillers
And Daxxify. …new longer lasting toxin…could last 6 months .