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Give Your Skin a Present

Most people don’t think of their skin as an organ, but it is. In fact, it is the human body’s largest organ. In Houston, we’re not always kind to our skin, bombarding it with lots of sun exposure. Plus, our summer heat and humidity can leave your skin oily. Be nice to your skin this […]

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Why We Only Do Glycolic Peels

There are generally three types of chemical peels, based on depth. And what dictates that depth is the acid that is the active ingredient. Deep peels use carbolic acid, medium peels use trichlorocetic acid, and light peels use glycolic acid (or other fruit-based acids). Dr. Kronberg only offers glycolic peels in her practice. Here’s why. […]

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Glycolic Peels

Keep it Simple with Glycolic Peels

Often a little bit done over a longer period of time is better than trying to a lot in one fell swoop. Dr. Kronberg certainly believes this is true when it comes to chemical peels. She recommends the gentle action and results of glycolic peels. What is a glycolic peel? Glycolic peels are classified as […]

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