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Better Skin is Only 12 Needles Away

If you’re reading this blog from Dr. Kronberg, you surely already know that Ponce de Leon wasn’t looking in the right place for the fountain of youth. The swamps of Florida? Hardly. The secret to staying young was right there under his skin all the time. Collagen. Collagen is the protein in the body that […]

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Is Your Skin Dry?

In Houston, we don’t normally think of “dry heat,” especially during another hot August. But in the winter, or if you spend time out in the dry West, you could feel as if your skin is dry. Or is it dehydrated? What’s the difference? Actually a lot. Let’s go through the difference. What is dry […]

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We now have the RHA fillers… New smoother fillers
And Daxxify. …new longer lasting toxin…could last 6 months .