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Ways To Reduce The Appearance Of Rosacea

Learning that you have rosacea can be troubling. This chronic inflammatory condition does not have a specific cause or cure and can create many cosmetic and aesthetic symptoms on your face. The most common of these are redness and acne-like bumps, and although there is no cure, there are several things you can do to […]

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Magnifying glass showing couperose on face skin. Woman showing problems couperose-prone sensitive skin. Rosacea

Getting the Red Out — Treating Rosacea

Rosacea is a misunderstood condition. Characterized by facial redness, bumps, and eye irritation, it affects people of all ages. Often the person doesn’t know they have rosacea, but simply think their skin is overly sensitive or that they blush easily.  At Dr. Kronberg’s, she employs a variety of treatments for this frustrating, chronic skin condition.  […]

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Get the Red Out — Rosacea

Some people think they have a ruddy complexion. Others think they must have forgotten to put on sunscreen and got a light sunburn. Others wonder if it’s that extra drink they had last night. On a hot Houston day, it’s even easy to think it’s just the heat. Rosacea is a word that never even […]

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