Ways To Reduce The Appearance Of Rosacea

Zoom circle of woman with couperose on face skin.Learning that you have rosacea can be troubling. This chronic inflammatory condition does not have a specific cause or cure and can create many cosmetic and aesthetic symptoms on your face. The most common of these are redness and acne-like bumps, and although there is no cure, there are several things you can do to reduce the appearance of rosacea and have clearer skin.

Since rosacea can present itself in many different ways, it is important to use the proper treatment method for your symptoms. One of the easiest ways to reduce the appearance of rosacea is to avoid triggers that cause flare-ups. For many people, this includes avoiding certain things like spicy foods or alcohol.

A way to reduce acne-like bumps and irritation on the skin is to use rosacea-specific medication ointments and moisturizers. This helps hydrate the skin and keep it as healthy as possible to fight against flare-ups.

Another common trigger that can cause several symptoms of rosacea to appear is prolonged sun exposure. Although avoiding triggers is the best way to reduce flare-ups, it should not prevent you from enjoying many outdoor activities. Wide-brimmed hats and moisturizing sunscreen can help reduce the impact of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

If avoidance of triggers and other at-home remedies do not provide enough help, a dermatologist might be able to offer in-office treatments to help reduce the appearance of rosacea symptoms. Laser and light therapy has been generally successful and reducing the appearance of inflamed blood vessels on the face.

Occasionally, antibiotic medication or ointments might be prescribed to address rosacea causes from within the body. Although there is no guarantee the symptoms will completely go away, treatments are very successful at reducing rosacea symptoms and flare-ups.

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