Show Your Spider Veins the Door

Varicose and Spider Veins Houston TXAging isn’t for wimps. Our joints start to ache. Our skin starts to sag. And we even get squiggly purple, blue, and red lines coursing about our legs.

Spider veins. Yuck. They can get so bad that we avoid wearing shorts or dresses during our toasty Houston summers, and that’s no fun.

But Dr. Kronberg can take care of your spider veins in just a few minutes in an easy procedure. Then over the next few weeks, your body will eliminate the veins, and you’ll love the way your legs look once again. Hello, sundresses! March is a great time to have your spider veins treated by Dr. Kronberg, as they’ll be fully gone by the time the warm weather is here.

Why do I have spider veins?

The veins are the highways upon which de-oxygenated blood is returned to the heart and lungs. But in the legs, there are a few issues the veins have to deal with.

First, there’s that Newtonian thing — gravity. While it may cause apples to fall, it also makes your blood have to work to overcome gravity in your legs. It’s an uphill battle all the way.

Second, our veins receive help pushing the blood through the muscles and tissues that surround the veins. They help put the squeeze on. As we age, those tissues slacken, and our muscles weaken, so they aren’t as effective at helping push the blood through the veins.

Also, the veins have valves in them to prevent backflow, but over time these valves can become damaged or lose their full sealing capability.

All of this allows the blood to pool and back up in spots. When it happens in a big way, you’ll develop a varicose vein. But when it happens on a smaller scale you’ll develop spider veins.

How Dr. Kronberg deals with spider veins

This isn’t something you have to live with. Dr. Kronberg can erase your spider veins with sclerotherapy. Believe it or not, this treatment was first developed in the 1930s, and it remains the gold standard for treating spider veins.

In sclerotherapy, Dr. Kronberg takes a syringe filled with a special saline solution and with a very fine needle. She injects a tiny amount of saline into the spider vein. The saline irritates the vein wall, causing it to close off. The vein immediately lessens in appearance, and then the body goes about the business of absorbing it over the next few weeks until it is gone.

Sclerotherapy is not painful and takes only minutes to treat some spider veins. After your session, Dr. Kronberg will have you wear compression stockings for a couple of weeks. This pressure helps the body begin to absorb the now-unused vein, and it helps ensure only one treatment is usually needed to address a spider vein. You may have some slight bruising around the injection sites, too, but nothing dramatic.

March is a great time to have Dr. Kronberg show your spider veins who’s the boss. Call her at (713) 771-8941 to make your appointment.

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