Top Things You Should Know Before Laser Scar Removal

It is common for people to feel self-conscious about scars. For some, scars can be associated with bad memories or insecurities. In other cases, they are something that individuals simply want to get rid of. If this is the case for you, you may be in luck. Laser scar removal can help fade the appearance of your scars and provide you with smoother and more flawless-looking skin.

What Is Laser Scar Removal?

Laser scar removal can help to remove several types of scars. The treatment provided to you will depend on the type of scar that is being treated.

Individuals who want to remove stretch marks may benefit from treatments with the Regenlite™ LaserHypertrophic scars and keloids may be treated with both lasers and steroid injections. Acne scars can be treated with topical products, chemical peels, or the use of lasers, such as the IPL Photofacial® Laser and the Fraxel® Laser.

Top Things You Should Know

There are several things you should know about getting laser scar removal.

This Procedure Will Not Erase Scars

Laser scar removal will not completely eliminate scars. However, it can dramatically lessen the appearance of scars and create a smoother look for your skin. Laser scar removal can help to reduce any itch that your scars cause by remodeling the collagen and loosening scar tissue in the affected area.

Sun Protection Is Important

It is important to protect your skin from the sun before and after treatment. You should not go tanning or stay in the sun for a long time before treatment, as optimal results require your skin’s appearance to be as natural as possible.

Other Treatment May Be Recommended With Laser Scar Removal

Your doctor may suggest that you use other forms of treatment in conjunction with laser scar removal. For example, if you are treating acne scars, specific lotions and products may help improve the results of your scar removal treatment.

Schedule Laser Scar Removal in Houston, TX, Today

If you are interested in getting laser scar removal, schedule an appointment with Dr. Esta Kronberg by calling 713-771-8941. Dr. Kronberg has more than four decades of experience helping clients throughout Houston achieve favorable results through exceptional laser scar removal services. As a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Kronberg is committed to helping each patient she treats love their skin.

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