Facts about Spider Vein Treatments

spider veinsSpider veins are one of the bothersome, unsightly conditions that many people in America deal with today. Your dermatologist can go into detail if you suffer from this problem and need information about it. Before then, you can find a lot of answers to common questions by doing your own research. When you read up on an issue before discussing it with a professional, it helps to better understand what he’s talking about. In addition, you can write down any questions you have that are not answered by your research.

Sometimes you find that the subject matter you are researching brings up more questions than you had before. This is why it is so imperative to speak to a professional doctor and/or dermatologist about this condition if you have questions.

Spider veins are the smaller swollen veins while the larger ones are called varicose veins. Spider veins occur commonly in families and is known as a hereditary condition. If your parents or grandparents had this condition, you are more at risk of contracting it. Additionally, if your family is known to have an issue with blood clots or obesity, you are also more at risk.

There are some symptoms associated with these swollen veins. They might include a tingling sensation in the legs, restlessness, fatigue and a burning, throbbing sensation. You should see your doctor if you have any of these problems. If you can consult with him before the veins are very swollen, it will increase your chances of a successful treatment. You will probably be asked to change a few things about your lifestyle, depending on the reason behind the condition. Obese patients would need to lose weight. People who have inherited the condition may need to utilize support hose, or stockings, when their symptoms are at a peak.

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