Hereditary Dermatological Conditions

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The human body is susceptible to many conditions and problems. The skin covering the surface of our bodies is the same way and can be afflicted with common issues, such as sunburns, or more severe problems, such as cancer. We can and should protect our own skin by washing it properly to avoid blemishes, and wearing sunscreen to prevent burning.

However, some conditions are passed down through generations and the only recourse is to treat the condition once it arrives. There are several common conditions that you may not realize are hereditary.

Hereditary conditions

1. Darier-White disease

One of these conditions is known as Darier-White disease. This is a condition that causes parts of the skin to harden into a material similar to fingernails.

2. EB (Epidermolysis bullosa)

Another disease is called EB (Epidermolysis bullosa) and is characterized by painful blisters that occur during a slight or mild temperature change. Someone with this condition would need to avoid sunlight. They would suffer from the slightest pressure, such as from being hugged or held by someone. The blisters make the patient highly susceptible to infection. These infections can lead to severe complications and even amputation. Genetics are the number one cause of this condition, though every now and then a mutation of genes can be the reason.

3. Photosensitive

When people are sensitive to sunlight and can only be exposed to it in very brief amounts of time, they are known to be photosensitive. This condition is more widespread than you might think. Patients who suffer from this disease, also known as cutaneous porphyria, may be susceptible to swelling, abnormal darkening and blistering. The disease is typically inherited from one or both parents. The patient is advised to avoid sunlight as much as possible and cover up completely if they venture outside.

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