Spider Veins

I have been treating spider veins on the legs on over 50,000 women since 1985. It is one of my true loves in Dermatology and I have been recognized by my peers as being one of the best in the country!

The procedure is called Sclerotherapy and was started in the 1800s. The appearance is caused by incompetent valves in the big, deep veins. When the valves don’t work the blood has to find new routes. Women suffer from this more than men. They can be caused by trauma, pregnancy and this problem is passed on from generation to generation.

I inject a solution into the vessels to close them. I prefer to use hypertonic saline because it is natural to your body and you cannot have an allergic reaction from it. My solution is a little different than most practitioners and it is extremely effective.

I have also seen many lasers promise to treat these vessels but I have never seen them as a truly effective alternative. There is a laser that does work for the larger ‘rope-like’ veins, better known as varicose veins, but not for the small varicosities that I treat. I have seen lasers typically leave you with pain, scars, burns and large medical bills.

The best time of the year to perform this treatment is November through early May. Wearing compression hosiery for two weeks really enhances your results. It takes two to three months for the vessels to completely fade. If you wear the hose, you will see great results from only one treatment by me. I cannot say that this is the case with everyone who performs this procedure. If you don’t wear the hosiery, it can take up to six treatments to get the same results. My goal is to resolve this issue for you in one single treatment.

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