Botox Treatments: Your Pathway to Youthful Beauty

botox-frownlines-300x1991If you are looking to change your skin and your face, look no further than Botox. Botox is a type of Botulinum toxin (also called BTX) type A. Other chemical terms used to identify it are Dysport or Xeomin. Clinically, or it should be said: cosmetically, as it is a cosmetic treatment, it is actually a medicine that is used to fill the muscles, thereby eliminating crow’s feet and frown lines.  Essentially, the chemicals stop the nerve that causes your face to contract. Without this muscle stimulation, the expression lines disappear.

The first question that probably pops into your mind is whether or not the injection will be painful. It is, after all, stopping some muscle stimulation. In fact, the only pain you will feel is the small, stinging sensation of the injection needle—and that only lasts for a few seconds. Afterward, there is next to no pain, and you can continue your normal life immediately. This is helped along by icing the treatment area for a few minutes before and after the treatment. This not only substantially decreases the pain, but also lessens the swelling in the area.

The main issue, however, is whether or not you’ll actually see improvement, and when the results will appear. Usually you should begin to notice a tightening after a few days, but the full effect might take a few weeks. Botox’s effects usually last for four to six months. However, some clinical studies have shown that you can extend them by repeating the procedure over the course of time. When it starts to wear off, simply come back to see us again!

Just like any other medical treatment there can be some possible side effects. These may include bruising, headaches, eyelid drops, etc. But they can be easily avoided by getting the treatment done by an established organization and the proper care afterwards.

Contact us to get the state-of-the-art Botox treatment! You won’t regret it. Your face will be wrinkle-free, your skin will feel tighter, and you will look younger!

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