Get Cheeky with Voluma

man keeping hand on chin and looking awayOne of the more telling areas with aging is our cheeks. As we age and our collagen production declines (coupled with lots of exposure to the bright Houston sun), our cheeks flatten and the skin sags. This is a volume loss thing, technically known as age-related, midface volume loss.

We can fixate on wrinkles and lines, such as crow’s feet at the outside of our eyes or barcode lines above our lips, but flattened, sagging cheeks could be even more aging for our face.

At our office, we provide Juvéderm Voluma XC injections to return volume to the cheeks.

One of the Juvéderm Family

Juvéderm, along with Restylane, were the two original dermal fillers. Dr. Kronberg offers both lines at our practice. All of these fillers are hyaluronic acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies that is responsible for hydrating, plumping, and firming the skin. It does this by binding with water molecules.

What started as a single filler in each line has expanded to become two families of HA fillers. Voluma XC is an extension of the Juvéderm line that was created specifically for treatment of volume loss in the cheeks. It has been approved by the FDA for that use.

Voluma can also be used for chin augmentation.

What Happens During My Voluma Session?

Your Voluma session at our office takes just 20-30 minutes. We apply topical numbing cream prior to your injections, and this takes about 20 minutes to fully take effect. Dr. Kronberg injects Voluma using a cannula instead of a needle. This allows better placement, and it works well with the thicker consistency of Voluma. The blunt tip of the cannula allows Dr. Kronberg to feel resistance as she moves the cannula underneath the skin of the cheeks and the chin. This allows her to precisely place the filler to achieve the best results.

Long Lasting

Voluma XC provides the longest lasting results of all HA fillers. It adds volume to your cheeks for up to two full years!

Interested in addressing your flattened, sagging cheeks? Call us at (713) 988-8442 and schedule a Juvéderm Voluma XC session.

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