You Didn’t Sleep. What About Your Skin?

Microdermabrasion Houston, TXOur skin is the largest organ of the human body. Who knew? And it is far more sensitive to certain things than you realize. Take lack of sleep, for instance. Everyone thinks those dark circles under their eyes are the telltale sign of lack of sleep and overall tiredness. But your skin can actually look tired as well. Here’s how, and also we’ll offer a couple ways you can remedy your tired skin at Dr. Kronberg’s.

Dark circles

It seems that when you couldn’t sleep last night you wake up and those circles under your eyes now look like makeup from a cheesy 1950s horror movie. People think the darker pigmentation under their eyes actually darkens when we are tired. Not so. These circles look darker because the surface skin atop the circles is dehydrated. This dehydration allows the dark circles to be show through more than when you’re hydrated and well rested. You could pile on the pancake makeup, but it’s a better idea to drink lots of water, eat some fruits, and get some rest. Dr. Kronberg does offer some awesome under-eye moisturizers, however, to help those tired eyes.

Puffy eyes

This is the other telltale sign of a bad night of sleep — puffy eyes. Tired skin retains water near the eyes in an effort to stay hydrated. This creates two features that bug every woman: first, they are puffy and tell everyone you’re tired; second, because they are puffy they cast shadows on the under-eye area, making your dark circles even darker. Again, drink your water and get some rest. For puffy eyes, you can also use a cool compress laid over them to reduce the puffiness.

Fine lines

Doesn’t it seem like you suddenly have more fine lines when you’ve slept poorly the night before? You do. Again, it’s your tired skin showing it is dehydrated. Use some of the excellent moisturizers we offer at Dr. Kronberg’s on your face and body to start the hydration process. A night cream is good, as well.

Dull skin

When your skin is tired and hasn’t has the rest it needs to aid in skin cell turnover, your skin begins to look dull and lack vitality. While hydration and rest will help here, what can really help is a nice microdermabrasion session or a glycolic peel at Dr. Kronberg’s. Both of these procedures are great at forcing exfoliation of the outer skin, which is covered with dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and other stuff.

You know you need to get your sleep. Now you know that your skin needs it, too. To schedule your skin rejuvenation procedures or check out our skin care product lines at Dr. Kronberg’s, call us at (713) 771-8941.

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